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I keep forgetting to change my pic on all my posts :(

And I'm kinda bored. And writing OC fanfiction, which doesn't usually go hand in hand, but I can't concentrate... 

On the plus side, I made $10 at the casino last night!


Well, when I should be looking for a job... I'm effectively doing nothing. It's kinda awesome. To counter the awesomeness I decided that I should devote all of my time to fanfiction, because it's been neglected since July and the horror/joy that was year 12. It was an eventful year.

So, the moral of this story is that I am back on fanfiction, and I finally made the lj that I always promised myself I would. However, the long Harry Potter story is about 7000 words in and has been temporarily ignored for me to satisfy my OC urges.

So in basics, I will (hopefully) be rebeginning to post my hp story, Keeping The Faith at about the same that I get started with The OC and Meeting The Nichols.

Wow, my titles are kinda original, aren't they?

But anyhoo, I hope all three people who are reading this enjoy!